About Me

“When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies.” Elvis Presley has said.

Not that I think of myself as an equal, but I too had had a somewhat similar relationship with comic books. The difference? - I saw myself as the guy who made those comic book heros come to life.The funny thing is, Elvis continued the above statement with “I grew up believing this dream.” In my case? I grew up waiting to fulfill my dream. This website is another milestone on the way to that dream.

It’s all about timing too. If you are coming from India, you would know how it is. You are not allowed to choose your career really. Not until the time you prove your worth in a professional course at least. So I completed my engineering, everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief, while I took a huge breath to jump into what I wanted to do. As expected, all hell broke loose. Crisis on Earth One? More like Crisis on All Earths. But the thing about passion is it can be a real pain in the nether regions for the ‘victims’ of it. I was a willing victim. It has been Awesome.

To put it simply, I love drawing comic books. And this website is a showcase of some of my best works. All that you see here is a labor of love, and I am mighty proud of it. I have a long way to go.

It’s getting exciting.

Harpreet Brar